Training & Adoption


As we have observed, many companies need clear alignment of technology with documented standard operating procedures (SOPs). Your staff need to be trained to do their work in a consistent and audititable fashion in a business environment fraught with change and ambiguity.

Springbok seeks to manage these business challenges with systems that align key business processes and with roles & responsbilities, that can be trained consistently to all your staff, both current and future.

Springbok uses lean techniques to align process with enough detail to; clearly define roles and responsibilities; that removes decision ambiguity; that is efficeint and auditable; provides enough guidance without becaoming bureaucratic; and can include as many audit checkpoints as required to be compliant in a consistent manner 

Springbok uses these final stage outputs to create useable work instructions and useful training materials.  Springbok will actively coach and mentor trainers and SMEs in your organization, to both maintain and train consistently, going forward 


Ensuring Adoption


90% of PPM implementations fail within the first two years. One of the key reasons is training and adoption.

Springbok has observed many companies that deploy software quickly with rudimentary.  Software is often feature rich, but staff are trained on features, not "work usage"; information is collected inconsistently and inefficiently leading to confusion and rework. 

A consistent and streamlined business process, coupled with work instructions; clear demarcation of roles and responsibilities; control points; training; and a trained support team in place; and can be accomplished in the same time frame as a typical software-only implementation.  Springbok prefers "Do it Well" to "Do It Over".