Simplifying Technology


Springbok combines a deep understanding of business process along with a depth of technology understanding to providewill customize our interview guide to perform individual Executive Alignment interviews with the key leadership and groups of impacted staff.  The results are fed back through a facilitated "Readout" and future design points obtained

   • Review existing  technology with a deep dive on data to assertain all the information sources

   • Aligning process with technology to determine the business capabilities and then aligning this with the existing data sources.  It is no surprise that similar data can be stored in multiple places inappropriately

   • Develop a technology roadmap that includes alignment of "target" software as well as supprting systems 


A vendor neutral solution

Springbok is often called in to mediate vendor software implementations that have stalled for many reasons.  Sprinbok has worked with leading software vendors to solve what seems like lack of customer decision-making, or organizational or data complexity.  Many vendors have a "Yes" approach to business problems when many business leaders would prefer a consultative or coaching experience to new technology implementations.  Sprinbok provides that need.

Why do PPM tools implementation fail?

PPM tools are simple to implement, and yet 97% of PPM implementations fail to meet their business case requirements within 2 years.  Why?  We see three key reasons for PPM failure:

  1. Alignment with executive vision
  2. Lack of simplification or streamlining of existing business processes
  3. Lack of training and adoption techniques

None of these reasons are tool-related, but are the most often ignored, in our experience