Resource & Capacity Planning

In working with customers over 20 years, we hear two key executive questions.  "What are my people working on?" and "Are my people working on the right things?"

The essence of resource and capacity planning is to collect accurate information to answer those two questions.  Resource and capacity planning consists of three key components; An accurate accounting of work currently being performed; accurate estimates for future work; and alignment to a strategic vision.

Technologically this is easy problem in terms of calculating resource information.  The critical factors to success are

   • A clear understanding by staff and managers on the purpose and approach

  • A clear set of work instructions for performing the work accounting

  • Clear metrics for staff and executives that result in changes that everyone understands  

Work to Vision

Springbok connects the dots between work and vision and clearly aligns executive vision into actionable outcomes for staff and their managers

" We have seen many organizations attempt to automatically optimize resources and projects using PPM tools, but we have found that simple teaming and visual "rack-n-stack" using PPM, is the most useful way to resource projects  ... on the strict assumprion that a  metric-based priority list of projects exists, first.  A manual priority list or Hi-Low list, only lasts as long as no new projects come into the queue”

- CIO, Universal Weather & Avaiation