Executive Alignment

Springbok will customize our interview guide to perform individual Executive Alignmnet interviews with the key leadership and groups of impacted staff.  The results are fed back through a facillitated "Readout" and future design points obtained

   • Input from the current process work is many times included in the "Readout"

  • Work categorization is defined

  • The output is in future process design and system configuration

Depending on the business challenge, Springbok can additional templates to cater for technology roadmaps, more than 1 impacted location and any cultural constraints that may require consideration 

A Technological Approach

Springbok has a depth of technological experience that allows our visioning and process streamlining to be correctly reflected in automation solutions.  We work with your existing technology in place and can help align technology based on clear vision and business capabilities.  Additionally, our tools and templates are created using common Microsoft Office® tools.

'(On why align projects in a meaningful way) .. There may be potential synergies between units; Energy and resources can be focused;  Redundancy might be eliminated; Conflicting priorities can be reduced; Decision making is more efficient'

-  GE Financial Services, July 2014