Business Streamlining

Using common business process templates, Springbok will perform current state or "AS IS" Process Analysis that defines the job roles in the current buisness process with the involved roles in a highly iterative approach.  The AS IS not only defines the operation and related issues, but it is the basis for transtion plans

   • Most business process failures happen between the hand offs

  • We have not seen consensus on current state in 25 years, so it's critically important to get a common understaning of what the problem space is

  • This forms the foundation for transition planning

Using common practice templates, Springbok will develop a TO BE process based on the As-Is, Executive Alignment, best practice for that process, addressing key issues and using Lean concepts.  This role based process model will then be reviewed and updated using the same iterative approach as the As-Is ation 

A Lean Approach

Springbok uses the cocept of the "lean office" taking a faster to solution approach, o model infoworker cycle times and to  look for areas for improvement.  Using the AS IS as a baseline, this technique also allows for quick measurements of improvements to the new state, once implemented.

Why bother aligning?

• To help the organization work cohesively

• To coordinate everyone's activities 

• To give employees direction and a vision

 - AAMC "Organizational Alignment" September 2013